Lower The Cost Of Scaffolding In Christchurch, NZ?

Lower The Cost Of Scaffolding In Christchurch, NZ?

If your building or renovating project in Christchurch requires scaffolding work, you’re probably wondering how you can keep the costs as low as possible. There are certain factors that influence this and some important choices and tweaks you can make.

1. Consider adjustable scaffolding
Although it’s pricier, this type has amazing advantages. You can modify the structure according to your needs and thus buy or rent less equipment than you would, if you’d consider the fixed type. Acrow props New Zealand contractors can offer you a great solution. An acrow prop is a telescopic steel tube with adjustable length, which helps you modify the scaffolding structure as needed.

2. Avoid using too many heavy components
Keep the heavy components to a minimum or choose materials which are lighter. However, do not compromise on the safety aspect. If your structure needs to hold plenty of workers, then make sure it’s sturdy enough. Not as a rule of thumb, but heavy components are more expensive. You may ask your local scaffold hire Christchurch service about the cheaper alternatives for your project.

3. Small instead of large
Selecting many smaller units instead of fewer but larger ones is another proven method to lower the total cost.

4. Home use scaffolding
If you are working on a home, you don’t need industrial strength scaffolding. The home variety is exactly what you should be using; it’s also cheaper.

5. The time of the year
Scaffolding prices fluctuate based on the season. During the off months, the material isn’t employed so often (in the case of rentals), therefore the price is smaller. Contractors are not renting out their products so they will be happy to let you use it for less. The cost will also depend on how many such contractors exist in the area.

6. Wooden versus metallic
Metallic scaffolding is more expensive, but it’s worth it, considering it’s also the safer option of scaffold companies New Zealand. Steel is considerably safer and easy to assemble, too. Wooden parts, on the other hand, are more difficult to handle and do not provide the same security. Wooden planks are thus much cheaper than platforms like those made of aluminum.

7. New versus old units
If you want to keep the costs low, choose to rent old scaffolding parts. These should work just fine, as no damage is allowed with such equipment. The price difference is explained as follows: newer parts are perceived as superior on the market and therefore it will be pricier. In the end, the prices will also vary based on factors that can’t be controlled much, such as the weight to be supported or the length of time the equipment will be needed on the job.