Tips To Host A Memorable High Tea

Tips To Host A Memorable High Tea

A cup of hot tea is perfect to enjoy the mood of evening. Whether it is a birthday party or an anniversary, you need to entertain your guests in the evening. As it is all about an evening party then tea should be included in the menu. Without a tea party, what could be the best way to entertain your guests in evening time? So, do you want to impress your guests? Then here are some tips to host a memorable high tea. high tea catering Sydney

Don’t forget to send invitations:

Before sending invitation you need to decide whether the party will be a casual event or a formal high tea? According to the type of your party now it is time to write the invitation cards. For example, if you are sending email invitation then you need to indicate whether the party is a casual get together or a formal tea party. Now you need to decorate the invitation letter with some pictures and send those emails to your friends. If you like to set some dress code then don’t forget to mention it in the invitation.

Now it is time to prepare food:

You are hosting a high tea party, so you need not include in the menu anything heavy food. You should keep in the menu basically dry fruits, biscuits, breads, hot dogs, cookies, pastries. Besides, you can also add into the menu some chopped fruits, like banana, grapes, apples and many more. Don’t forget to keep sandwich in the menu. The best way to offer lip smacking foods to your guests is to hire a high tea catering Sydney.If you are throwing this high tea party for celebrating your birthday then you should inform your caterers about the same. A reputed birthday party catering Sydney service will help you enjoy amazing foods at affordable prices.

Now set the tables:

After preparing the food now it is time for decorating the interior. You need to set tables so that your guests can seat with ease. Besides, you have to place a long table to serve all the foods. Apart from placing long table you need to keep a little tea table which will give the complete look of the tea party. After placing the tables now you need to spread white linen tablecloth. Now, arrange the platters. Your guests will surely be amazed.